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USS Palo Alto

  a concrete ship Nicknamed the "Cement Ship, The USS Palo Alto today remains at Seacliff Beach and serves as an artificial reef for marine life. She was built as a tanker late into World War 1... too late to be used in service. A company would end up buying her in the early 1900's and brought over to Seacliff state beach to be used as an amusement ship, fitted with a dance floor and a cafe. this would go on for several years before being closed down due to the company going out of business. California would later buy the ship and strip it of it's parts leaving just the shell to sit at it's present location and be used as a fishing pier. this would go on for many years up till 1950 before being closed again. The pier would remain open to foot traffic but the ship would remain closed off to the public. over the years the ship continued to deteriorate into four roughly segmented pieces, winter storms in February 2016 pushed the wreck onto its starboard side and broke its rear half open. And another storm in January 2017 helped tear the ships stern completely off. What happened was a combination of things, the storms heavy currents pulled the sand away from he ship with the waves and wind pushing the ship over the weight and deterioration would become too much and it would eventually fall over onto it's side. 

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