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Life is Measured in Moments

2 weeks on the road from Santa Cruz, CA to Rocky Mountain National Park and Back

The disconnect - the meditation - on this trip I took 2 different routes first route I had planned to reach the Red Bull Rampage and then to reach Loveland, CO after that i did what i wish and decided to travel a path in which I never did before... I could have gone down the roads I took to get there... but life had a better idea... take the road you never went down...see the whole world....on this trip spent so much time alone just driving from one stop to the next- I never thought about the past or the future (aside from where I'll stop next)... I tried to have conversations with myself along the drive tried to think intellectually and come up with deep thoughts... but every single time I tried the wheels in my brain would stop and i'd become distracted by something that would place me back in the right here right now moment of life... life made sure I took in every moment I had and lived in the moment! Something I learned the moment I got home: was I experienced the perfect bliss for 2 weeks.... waking into the house i don't know if it was fatigue from the trip or the lighting in the house at the time or i was really in true state of meditation... but walking into the house I opened the door where I had tunnel vision for about 20 minutes as I walked from my Truck to my room unloading gear. to find out how much I was in the moment I was. To be in perfect bliss is to live HERE & NOW! SOAK IN EACH MOMENT & please enjoy the Photos below 

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